My Publications

Academic journal articles

Raj-Reichert, G (forthcoming) “How global value chains contribute to the middle-income trap: a case study of the electronics industry in Malaysia”, Journal of Development Studies.

Raj-Reichert, G (2015) “Exercising power over labour governance in the electronics industry”, Geoforum, Vol. 67: 89-92

Nadvi, K, and Raj-Reichert, G (2015) “Governing health and safety at lower tiers of the computer industry global value chain”, Regulation & Governance, Vol. 9, no. 3: 243-258  Available here as open access (free for everyone)creative commons logo

Raj-Reichert, G (2013) “Safeguarding labour in relocated factories: Health and safety governance in an electronics global production network”, Geoforum, Vol. 44: 23-31

Raj-Reichert, G (2011) “The Electronic Industry Code of Conduct: Private governance in a competitive and contested global production network”, Competition & Change, Vol. 15, no.3: 221-238

Working Papers

Raj-Reichert, G (2016) Exposing forced labour in Malaysian electronics: the role of a social auditor in labour governance within a global production network. GDI Working Paper 2016-005. Manchester: The University of Manchester.

Books and book chapters

Raj-Reichert, G (forthcoming) Improving labour conditions in the electronics industry: an exploration of governance in a global production network, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship Monograph, Oxford University Press.

Gereffi, G, Ponte, S, and Raj-Reichert, G (2019) Handbook on Global Value Chains, Edward Elgar Publishing.

Raj-Reichert, G (2019) “The role of global contract manufacturers in GVC governance” in Gereffi, G, Ponte, S, and Raj-Reichert, G (eds) Handbook on Global Value Chains, Edward Elgar Publishing.

Raj-Reichert, G (2018) ‘The Changing Landscape of Contract Manufacturing in the Electronics Industry Global Value Chain’, book chapter in Nathan, D. (eds) Upgrading and Innovation in Global Value Chains in Asia (Cambridge University Press).

Raj-Reichert, G (2017) “Public and private governance gaps in occupational health and safety: a case study of the electronics industry in Penang, Malaysia”, in Sustainability Politics and Limited Statehood: Contesting New Modes of Governance, (eds) Alejandro Esguerra, Nicole Helmerich, and Thomas Risse, Palgrave Macmillan (Governance and Limited Statehood series).

Publications for international organisations

Raj-Reichert, G (2016) STUDY 4: Promoting decent work in the electronics industry global supply chain, in Sectoral Studies on Decent Work in Global Supply Chains: Comparative Analysis of Opportunities and Challenges for Social and Economic Upgrading, International Labour Office, Geneva.

Contributing author in International Labor Organization (2014) Ups and downs in the electronics industry: Fluctuating production and the use of temporary and other forms of employment, Issues paper for discussion at the Global Dialogue Forum on the Adaptability of Companies to Deal with Fluctuating Demands and the Incidence of Temporary and Other Forms of Employment in Electronics, GDFACE/2014, Geneva, Switzerland

Contributing author (2011) “The role of quality and standards for competitiveness and trade: Standards and development’, in Harnessing quality for global competitiveness: Eastern Europe and Central Asia’s quality and standards, (ed) Jean-Louis Racine, World Bank: Washington, DC

Press and Non-Governmental Organisations

Raj-Reichert, G (2017) ‘Schwache Audit-Methoden’, c’t magazin für computer technik, 2017, Heft 1, pp. 127.

Raj-Reichert, G (2016) ‘Electronics brands and factories must commit to improve labour standards’, New Internationalist, 7 November. https;//

Raj-Reichert, G (2016) “Dr Gale Raj-Reichert zur Rolle von Zulieferern und Audits: Interview mit einer Konferenz-Teilnehmerin”, in Sozial verantwortliche IT-Beschaffung in der Praxis: Hintergruende, Informationsquellen und Hilfestellungen, Weltwirtschaft, Oekologie & Entwicklung, e.V., Berlin.

My PhD Thesis

Raj-Reichert, G (2012) Governance in Global Production Networks: Managing environmental health risks in the personal computer production chain, PhD Dissertation, Institute for Development Policy and Management, University of Manchester.

Blog entries

Borrero, E, Raj, G (2005) General Agreement on Trade in Services: Conditions to Achieve Developing Country Objectives, T.R.A.D.E. Series Occasional Paper 13, South Centre, Geneva. Lead author

Raj-Reichert, G (2015) ‘To improve labour conditions in the global electronics industry, more attention needs to be paid to contract manufacturers’, in Labour and Electronics ( and Development@Manchester (, December 2015

Raj-Reichert, G and Nadvi, K (2015) ‘Improving labour conditions in the computer industry’, in Labour and Electronics (, Rising Powers and Interdependent Futures (, and Development@Manchester (, March and April

Raj-Reichert, G (2014) ‘Temporary workers in the electronics industry: consequences and potential solutions’, in Labour and Electronics (, and Development@Manchester (, October