Global Production and Local Outcomes: looking back and going forward

A discussion with Gary Gereffi (Duke University, US)
and Raphie Kaplinsky (University of Sussex, UK)

Monday 29 June 2015
5:00 - 6:30pm (wine reception to follow)
Cordingley Lecture Theatre
Humanities Bridgeford Street (no. 35 on campus map)
University of Manchester

Global value chains and production networks are now the
basis of how companies engage and trade internationally. This
rapidly changing global environment has prompted a swathe of
academic and policy research into the impacts of globalization
on the ground, and how to improve local outcomes.
Professors Gereffi and Kaplinsky are recognised international
academics in global value chain research, and their contribution
has been seminal in setting the debate. Their presentations will
consider both their own journeys in this field of study and
perspectives on the research challenges that lie ahead.
These insights will be discussed by a panel of leading
international thinkers (Professor Rajneesh Narula, Dunning
Centre, University of Reading; Professor Stefano Ponte,
Copenhagen Business School; and Professor Neil Coe, National
University of Singapore), and chaired by Dr Khalid Nadvi,
University of Manchester. The discussion will then be opened
to the floor.

Click here for the event poster.

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